Beware of using Mobile Phone without wiping head.!

Hey guys, Beware..!. Did you ever use your mobile phone when you are wet ? you are mistaken.!!. The most of  the mobile users from us are always careless of the consequences of the mobile usage. Mobile radiations may cause to many horrible diseases. Here I give you some new discoveries.

You must not use mobile phone during some certain time because during such occasions the mobile tower radiation will affect you more badly. The below are such occasions.

  • When you are wet
  • Wearing specs with metallic cases.
  • Using Phone when the Range is too low
  • Using phone when the Battery is too low ( The radiation will be thousand time stronger than the normal)
The first two occasions are harmful because of that the water and the metal are Conductors. Keeping the phone in the pocket is also harmful. It is better to keep the mobile phone away. And use head set when you are calling long time.



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