Windows Double Security Tip _ Local Security policy

Using Windows's Local Security Policy you can set up a double security options it means it will secure your PC other than your password. When some one tries to open your windows PC by typing wrong passwords it will show a message and it prevent from typing password more times for a you already set time period. There is an option in windows to set up both how many times a person allow to type a wrong password and how much time the prohibition from typing password will continue. To know more read below steps also.

  • Click on Start Button and search for 'Local Security Policy'
  • Select and open it from the search result (see screen short)

  •  Now Choose Account Lockout Policy from Security Settings  ( Shown in below image)

  • Where you will see options to secure your password without leaking.
  1. Account Lockout Duration
  1. Account Lockout threshold
  1. Reset Account Lockout Counter After
  • set them as like as you wish



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