What are video ads and how do they work? _ Adsense helps


 Google Adsense provides you to display Video ads on your website / Blog. Video Ads  are one type of ad that can appear on AdSense sites. They can show on your pages if you have chosen to display image ads and are using a supported ad size. Video ads can be paid by click or by impression.

Here's how they work:

  • The ad first appears as a static opening image. When a user sees the image, They count this as an ad impression.
  • The video will play if the user clicks the image or play button.
  • If the user clicks the display URL or clicks the ad while it's playing, he'll be taken to the advertiser's website. They count this as a click in your reports.
Users can control the volume and can replay the video if they choose; the video won't automatically replay.



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