What are Image Ads in Adsense ? _Tips and Helps

Hi, guys Google Adsense www.google.com/adsense ) is the best way to earn money online. Adsense Dashboard comprises many options to know your adsense report. want to know what is Image Ads ?

Image ads are graphical ads offered in several ad formats.Image ads compete in the same auction for your ad space that text ads do. So, choosing to display both text and image ads increases the competition for ads to appear on your site, and may help you earn more. Google's technology determines on a page-by-page basis which ads are likely to make you more money, and serves those ads to your page.

Image ads are only displayed on content pages, not on AdSense for search results pages.

Will image ads slow my page load time?

  • Google image ads are limited to 50KB in size, and should have a minimal effect on load time for most sites.



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