How to Recover Deleted Contacts Numbers from your SIM Card ?

Phone numbers deleted from SIM card of your phone can be easily recovered. This can be done only with the help of a computer. Though SIM card allows us to save only a limited number of contacts, but deleting a contact may make you mad. But now you need not to worry of your deleted contacts. It is quite simple to regain your lost contacts on the card. I got this trick of regaining lost phone numbers when my friend faced such a situation.

Back Story

Once, one of my friend unfortunately happened to delete all his contacts on the SIM card when he tried to move his all contacts from SIM to phone. He was very frustrated after that, because he is a business man and he had his most important contacts on his SIM Card.

Finally , after his all attempts he came to me for a solution, I am having a habit of searching whatever I don't know on internet. I did so, After a long Googling I got a way, and which made our intention success. He jumped and clapped and gave me a decent hug as a reward. He had made many search on internet but they all ware not helpful.

At the time, he was very happy as he got recovered his lost contacts. And his happiest mood tend him to compel me to publish the trick on my blog. Because he need to share this with all and to give a proper solution for other trapped guys. Good Heart.!.


You require nothing but only a SIM Card Readder(GSM Card Reader), A Windows PC, You SIM card from which your contacts are lost.

Now you need to connect you SIM Reader with your PC and install the driver software for it.

Connecting SIM to PC with Reader

As every device this also needs a software for its working. That can be got when you buy the reader. Or can be taken from internet.
  • Put your SIM card to your SIM card Reader 
  • Install the Driver software for this Device.
  • After installing open the software ( connect the device through USB port )
How to Recover deleted phone number on my phone - Working Trick

  • Click the 3rd button ( as shown in above screen short)
  • Clicking the button there lists a list of contacts
  • You can either save or copy or can do any other options provided in the application.
This Way is surly an amazing one. Because it makes some ones day every day. My friend always keep gratitude towards this one. Try this hopefully and let me to know your response as comments below.

Need Help?

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  1. dear sir,

    i have a problem with my sim card recently by mistake i have deleted my nos from sim card then i search over the internet that how can restore the sim contact through sim card suddenly i see the link of your website you tell how to recover the lost contact of sim card then i bought sim card reader & install the software which is requirement of recover the lost contact from sim card i install the above software do the same as define in the image but i am unable to restore deleted contacts from my sim card kindly help me in this matter i will be very thankful to you

    1. Hi bro,
      I understand your problem I am seeking for a solution You can Have a look to our Home page tomorrow (1st post of june 16). I hope it would solve your doubt. If not please inform us.

  2. Hi
    what software you using for recovery (above pic)mate.

    1. @ Appu,

      The above given screenshot is a software which is provided with the SIM Card Reader you buy. Some times the software may be built-inside the SIM Card Reader. For different Readers the software might change, but I believe All software will have the similar functions.

  3. Hi Appu, I have puchased a sim card reader but I'm not able to see the recovery of my deleted contact numbers but I can see undeleted contact numbers.

    Please advise.


    1. hai Ling Bitt Sheng,
      I am the admin of this blog. I have written a new post for those who failed to recover using this trick please copy and paste the below link to your address bar, or click on it.

  4. Sir,

    Will you please make me clear whether the SIM card reader and Memory card reader are same or different. Can i do the explained process by inserting SIM card in memory card? Please suggest me.

    1. Hi Dear,
      A memory card is just a device that can read portable memory cards. But A SIM Card reader is used to read your SIM data. As an example your phone is a simcard can read your contacts within the simcard, messages, call logs and so on..

      In short they are not same as they do different functions, but there may be readers supporting these two.

      There is nothing to explain more, simply install the sim reader software on your pc if available (For some devices there will be software installed inside the reader). And plug the Sim reader with your sim into USB.

      You can try this at your own risk, I do only share my knowledge as well as my experience with my readers.

      Best of Luck !

  5. Dear salahuddin,
    i recently bought a sim card reader and i installed the drivers from the cd which was supplied with the reader. the software comes in chinese language and i am unable to recover anything. what should i do? kindly suggest me.
    Karthikeyan, N

    1. hi buddy..
      First of all, let me know the product's company name.

      I suggest you the following:
      * Check wether it asks for to choose any language when you install the application.
      * try a Google search on how to change language including the company name.
      * still you fail, use Google translator to translate Chinese to englis ( virtual keyboard in it will help you to type Chinese).

      I am getting many mails and comments on this topic, I will be posting many alternative ways of recovering deleted contacts soon.

      Check this post too :

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