How to Hide Private/ Secret files in an Image ?

Did you ever think of such a trick that can hide your any Secret Data as an image file on your PC .? Yes this is true now . Today I write an article about this tricky way to hide your private files in a Photo. This is simple but humble. This works by the help of a simple software which allows you to bind your private data with a Picture you want.No one can understand there is some Secret files of you. See the Steps below to do so

How To Hide Private/ Secret Files in an Image ?

  • At first choose an image with which you want to hide your private/ Secret files .
  • Secondly make A FOLDER with your Private Data.
  • Then Right click on the folder and select 'Add to archive'
  • And save it as a ZIP or RAR file

  • After the folder and its files are set, you have to open a 'Software' _ Download Here >>
  • Now you can see Thee Columns there.
  • Select the picture that you have chosen at first (first step)
  • Select an Out Put Picture file (output path)
  • And press 'OK'
  • Now it will say you 'Your files have been binded'
  • You are Done.!..   But you have just Binded your private files with the Image, you have to learn how to take it back..see the Next Step.

How To Take the Binded Files out of Picture ?
  • To separate the attached files Right click on the image on which you have Binded the Private Data
  • and select 'Add to' your file name '

  • Now a window will open (see below image)
  • Right click on the file you see in it and select 'View Files'

  • Now you are done..
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