How to get your lost Mobile phone by Locating the Tower ?

Hi, guys are you wondered regarding this one. Need not to wonder this is real and true. This is a small trick does using with a software .Would you like to be able to locate somebody else without calling? All you need to do is install  a software on the phone. would like to follow from a distance – whether your own, that of your child, your assistant or a friend. You can track a phone remotely by sending an SMS command from any other phone. This application will respond with an SMS containing a link to a map with the phone’s location.
The Software is called Easy Locator Once Easy Locator is installed on a mobile device, you can track this phone remotely by sending an SMS command from any other phone. Easy Locator will respond back with an SMS containing a link to a map with the BlackBerry’s location and its coordinates. No EL installation is required on the phone receiving the SMS replies. Alternatively, if you need on-the-spot location, you can view a map from the device itself. 

Easy Locator does not compromise your own privacy by exposing you to being tracked yourself. It works reliably and unobtrusively.

Easy Locator can be of use for:

  • Business communication – if your assistant needs to know where you are without disturbing you or if you would like to keep track of the location of your employees.
  • Child monitoring - keep an eye on your child going back from school or on a school trip from a distance.
  • Keeping in touch - share your whereabouts with a close friend or relative
  • Suspected theft – you can ascertain whether you have left your phone at a familiar location or if it has been stolen.
  • Tracking objects (cars, bags) – place the phone with an installed EL inside a larger object to remotely track its location
Key features:

  • Remote device location via password-protected SMS commands
  • On-device location
  • Use of both GPS and cell ID coordinates: in case GPS data is unavailable, you still get the second-best cell ID based map
  • Reliable and unobtrusive
Before Downloading this application:
I have found a different that the amount that is mentioned in the Nokia OVI store and in the original website are different.. So check the two addresses from the blow

Note:During checkout, make sure you enter the PIN / IMEI number of the target device you wish to track, if different from yours.

S60 Screenshots:

Locate your lost phone with Easy Locator   

Enable tracelog  Send tracelog    

BlackBerry Screenshots: 

Find yourself on the map   Locate your phone on the map securely


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