How to Customize Google Search box provided with adsense ?

Google adsense Program is one of the best ways to earn online money from your website or from blog. Google also provide some of the facilities with their advertisement program. i.e. they provide A Search box option to your website. in a web page you can place  TOW SEARCH BOXes, THREE AD UNITs and THREE LINK UNITs. Many of the men have doubt on the customization of google search box.
Its illegal remove the Google watermark, but you can use the option without the watermark ( the logo will be visible at the botom or at the side of the search box )

Currently you only can chose the color arround the search box. (grey, black and wite) and the position of the Google Logo (right or bottom)

I guess you can use some custom css to change the colors of the place where you instal the search box, but you will need to read carefully the TOS of Google Adsense and the TOS og the Google Custom Search Box
  1. Go To Google CSE
  2. Hit the create custom search engine button
  3. Fill the form as shown in the below  screenshot.

4.The Click the next button and choose the Design for your search engine. You can click the "Customize" button to edit the colours and look.

5. Hit the next button and then click the "Look and feel" link on the next page (see image below)
It will lead you to a page where you can find three layout options _ Full -width, Compactand Two Column

  • If you wish to add the search box just below posts, choose Full-width
  • If you want to display the box and results on the sidebar then choose compact
  • Else if you wish to add your search box to your sidebar and display the search results above the post title then choose Two Column
  • After choosing a compatible on hit "save & get code" button and jump to the next part of our tutorial.



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