How to change the Profile mode of Nokia or Black berry phone by Sending SMS ?

Hi, guys are you wondered regarding this one. Need not to wonder this is real and true. This is a small trick does using with a software .would like to follow from a distance – whether your own, that of your child, your assistant or a friend. You can track a phone remotely by sending an SMS command from any other phone

Easy Locator can be of use for:

  • Business communication – if your assistant needs to know where you are without disturbing you or if you would like to keep track of the location of your employees.
  • Child monitoring - keep an eye on your child going back from school or on a school trip from a distance.
  • Keeping in touch - share your whereabouts with a close friend or relative
  • Suspected theft – you can ascertain whether you have left your phone at a familiar location or if it has been stolen.
  • Tracking objects (cars, bags) – place the phone with an installed EL inside a larger object to remotely track its location
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