How Do I Make My own Font _ How to make a font easily _ easy font maker

Want to make your own Font ? if Yes, you can do it with this tutorial.There are many softwares which help you to create your own font as you like.If you are planing a good high quality Font you need to make.But it is a little costly but they allows you its trial version. This method is easier, I think. For a designer or a company that designs must needs to get new fonts. Want to know more ?  read below too..

How to make a Font

There are several methods and softwares to make a font.But here I introduce you a software here which allows you to make your own font.

FontCreator is a tool which can display existing fonts, let you modify individual characters to suit your needs, and design complete new fonts from scratch. And it supports most of encodings and code pages like Symbol, ANSI, ASCII, Unicode,  Big5, PRC, Wansung, etc..And also you can draw letters for your font in  both vector EPS, AI, PDF etc extensions and bitmap images (BMP, GIF, PNG).

Note: This software can be used as an Evaluation version and you can edit your own font but you CAN'T Save your file until you buy it.



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