Emoticons and Acronyms Used in Chatting _ Chatting Tricks and Tips

Hi guys, now a days there is non who didn't chat with others.While we chat we have to tell many things to your friends but it is very bore to type a long sentence during chatting or difficult express our emotions to them. So we have to use some abbreviations (short forms ) that will help you to avoid long 'Essay'. you can simply express your idea or your emotions using Emoticons ( imotion + icons).There are some of the icons which is able to express our strong emotions.
These Emoticons can simply put in to chat by some of the short keys. As an example ' :, ' this one is a short cut of the emoticon to express our mirth. When you type it and when press enter it sees to your friend as an icon instead of your short form.In some messengers allow you to make and add some emoticons.In most of the messengers these emoticons are animated around 35 emoticons  are available in Yahoo messenger.

Eg: Happy, sad, work, sleep, sillu, fixex, trying, Laughing, Confused....so on

Commonly  used Short forms in chatting

 When we chat we have to tell our friend much. But it is too difficult to do so, so there are some commonly used Acronyms for some statements like we type 'u r' instead of 'Your are'.

And an important thing to keep in chatting that always try to avoid chatting in Capital letters in English those are actually instead of scolding.!. See some of the Acronyms that we use in our chatting.

  • ASL - Used to ask Age, Sex and Location
  • LOL - Used to express your happy /  when hear humour.../ Instead of smiling  Ha..Ha...Haaa..
  • ROTFL - Used to express your extreme smile when you hear a BIG JOCK.
  • NMH -Used as an answer to the question ' How Are You?' ...NMH means 'Not much here'



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