Children and Internet _ How to Care and Protect ?

Hi, parents this valuable post is to you.I am going to tell you what are the things a parent has to care on his/her child !?. Now a days the internet is everywhere are the whole world is addicted to it.The children were influenced by the Computer and Internet. But there is no doubt that the computer and the internet is very useful to us all.But we have to think of the other side of this coin also, because these two having the important role in making men mad with the blow points to care your Baby well.


  • Provoke  Your son/ daughter not to chat chat whenever you see he/ her chat.Because they can't understand what kind of the men is chatting with them
  • When you children Surf/ chat on internet put an eye on them
  • Check their emails.and note if there are more mails and if there are mails from persons that you do not know.
  • Most of the mail providers provides you to block unwanted emails to your inbox_ use that facility.
  • There are many of the software are available at the market so install them on the computer that your children use. Eg: McAfee Parental Control, Kid defender, Cyber Sitter, Cyber Patrol
  1. Cyber sitter : 
  2. This software help you to block emails mention 30 things like attack, hate, Bad, etc,,.
  1. Cyber Patrol :
  2. This software block the web pages in it's list
  1. Kids net :
  2. This software allow you to access 1250000 website that the company already decided to allow. The blocking of the websites works basis on the Age.

The Proper Place of the Computer

  • If computer is connected to the internet it is better to place in a public room.This will reduce the unwanted activities fearing the others.
  • Try to Avoid your children from browsing the internet in the absence of parents.

The websites and Online Friends

  • The parents should be known the type of websites their children are looking for.
  • It is better to check the browser History.
  • Parents must know who are their online friends.

Punishment / Awareness

  • If you have noticed that your son/ Daughter had taken unwanted bad contents from the internet or from anywhere else YOU MUST NOT PUNISH THEM IT WILL CAUSE TO GROW THEIR WRATH AND THE TENDENCY TO SEE THAT SORT OF THINGS AGAIN AND AGAIN.
  • It is better to give an Awareness without losing your temper.
  • Parent's sudden scolding may lead them to again bad and more dangerous thoughts.


  • Tell them not to reveal his/ her any identity to others while chatting.

Time Limit

  • Allow your son/ Daughter a limited time to use internet / computer.
  • Avoid internet/ or computer using at the night time.



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