How to Insert AddThis Share buttons below every Post on Blogger blog

Addthis is one of the world's most popular Social Bookmarking and sharing tool millions of websites use. It allows easy Sharing and Bookmarking for your visitors is easy, the buttons are also very much customisable and you can also track your traffic and audience, so you can know who is sharing what content on your site by using its Analytics.

First of all, go to the website, Choose the Style you want to use, and Click "Get This" pop up will tell you to register an Account, it's fast and free
After registration, get and Copy your Code
Now Login to Blogger, If you want your visitors to Share your website/blog homepage, simply go to to your Blogger Dashboard >> Layout >> Design >> Page Elements, Select Add Gadget, then Paste the Codes and Save, then choose a deignated place where you want it to be on the blog home page.To Insert The Addthis Share Buttons to every Posts On blogger

Go to your Dashboard >> Layout >> Design >>Edit HTML, tick Expand Widget
Using CTRL+F on your Keyboard, Find the code: <data:post.body/> 
  • If you want the buttons to appear below every post, Paste the Addthis Codes just below <data:post.body/>
  • If you want it above your posts, then paste the Addthis Codes, before <data:post.body/>
 Incase you have plenty of this already in your template and don't know where to paste your addthis codes, you can find <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'/>
Now paste the codes there using same instructions in above 2 steps
Before you save your edited template , Click Preview to see if it comes out well, if it doesn't then I suggest you Read from instruction one again, but if it showed up as expected, you can Save your Template.



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