Simple DNS settings for Blogger Domains


DNS stands for Domain Name Service.Through this post I would like to inform you to setup a Custom domain for your Blog made in up a custom domain can be done by doing some easy steps mentions here.if you have already a bought Domain name follow the instructions below otherwise you need not to read this post.

Create a CNAME Record For Your Custom Domain

  1. Log in to the account of  your Hosting Service's Website
  2. Enter To DNS Management page. ( Look here and there for your DNS management page on your dashboard )
  3. If you see any 'Advance Settings' click on it else proceed
  4. Now go to  CNAME tab by finding it out
  5. Inside the CNAME window  it asks for Name where simply type "www" and where it asks for Host Name/Alias then enter
  6. If you found some data filled  then replace it with the data in step#5
  7. Save your settings and you are done.!

Creating A-Records

This option will redirect your visitors from a naked domain ( to your full domain ( Most visitors don't type the www before your domain and if you don't create a A-record your visitors will see an error page. So you must create a A-Record.
  1. Find out A-records under DNS inside your Hosting Service Dashboard.
  2. Inside the A-record page type your domain name as mobihackmanin without the www
  3. Now list the I.P. addresses given below in the "A" section . Remember that you will have to create a new A-record for each I.P address that means 4 A-records.
        4. You are Done!

wait for 10-15 minutes till your DNS settings are activated and then do the next step.

Setting up a Domain on Blogger

  1. Log in to Your Blogger dash board and then go to settings >> Publishing
  2. Find out a link saying switch to custom Domain
  3. now type your full domain URL in a box appears there.
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