How to find out fake Profiles in Facebook or Social networks ?

Hi all, Today I am very pleased  to inform you a new simple way to recognize fake profiles in social network sites such as Facebook , Twitter, etc. There are many fake Profiles among Social Network sites. And you might have trapped with such profiles. But don't worry here is a tricky way to check whether the profile is fake or not.

The trick can be done through some simple steps.

  1. First of all login to your account and open the profile that you have to check
  2. Right click on the Profile Photo (see below image) and select either Copy Image Location or Save image
  3. Then Enter in to Google Image and click on the camera icon 
  4. There you will see two options _ Paste Image URL  and  Upload an Image
  5. If you are copied the Image Location  in Step 2 paste the url in the box
  6. If you are saved the Image in Step 2 Upload the saved image
  7. Clicking Search you will get a result with similar URLs or similar Images. Where you can find out where the photo was came from. ( The coming results are the list of websites that the picture contains)

Enjoy and Leave comments.



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