IRCTC Confirmation SMS can be used as Train Ticket

Mobile Ticketing Makes Life Easy For Indian Railways' CommutersIndian Railway has decided to permit to use Confirmation Message  sent by IRCTC (Message which is including vital details as a proof on par with the Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS).)  as Train Ticket, it is to increase the passengers' convenience.

The SMS sent by IRCTC will contain all essential data like the PNR number, names and numbers of passengers, coach and seat, date of journey, class and train number. Simply replacing the paper ticket with an SMS, the passenger has to only carry a valid identity proof, and along with the SMS. The identity proof should be in original and together with the SMS, is valid enough. So, what if you accidently delete the message or lose the device? Well, you can still continue the journey by showing the identity proof and paying a penalty of Rs.50


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  1. It needs to be seen from past logs whether there were high hits and the system was still performing. It is quite possible when the servers were upgraded/ additional servers added, something could have gone wrong with the configuration - especially timeout settings. The way it works - user's request goes through the web server to the web application server. The web application server proceses the request and queues up the request to the database server. All the connections are given specific time to complete action. If the server or the network was slow (with high hit rates, the database server that does the most work would be the slowest) the timeout interrupts the transaction and a failure occurs. One needs to take the pains to identify where the problem is occuring. Also, it needs to be seen whether too many people are accessing the supervisor and MIS functions at the same time. If the problem is due to load, it does not make sense to run MIS applications at the same time as running the reservation transactions.