Send Unlimited Free SMS to India -

... is a website that allows you to send unlimited free text messages to any mobile phone across India.and it supports both GSM & CDMA networks.When a  user type a message he can only type 140 characters out of 160 the rest of text will be filled with  “Sent via WAY2SMS.COM”.You can keep..[...]
 contacts in and you can also create a group and send SMS to that group
          Way2SMS provides you another great feature that you can preset the date and time for your message to be sent.
For sending messages you need to log in to the also provides a wap version and you can access it through the URL ' '.This URL is for the easier navigation of the site.

If you are facing  any of doubts , questions or issues like you did not receive the verification code, send them an email at describing the problem that you are facing (mobile network ,Phone number,  message sent time (approximate)  etc..

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                Block All Messages from a specific mobile phone number


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