Control your computer screen with your 'gaze' (eye)


A Swedish company has come up with an eye control computer technology, that allows users to operate Windows 8 by looking in the direction they want to click.The Tobii Gaze sits below a laptop screen and tracks eye movement using a sensor, IndianExpress reported asCourier Mail reported..[...]
Tobii business development manager Anders Olsson asserted that the interface uses a combination of eye gaze and touch pad for a better user laptop experience.

“Gaze takes away the whole intermediate step of having a mouse or even using touch technology,” Olsson told All Things Digital, the online publication that specializes in technology and start-up company news, analysis and coverage.
“It uses all seven primary touch commands of Windows 8 (eg., activate, select, zoom, scroll, etc) in a way that is more natural, efficient and precise than any other control when used on laptops and desktops,” Olsson said.



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