Alice Personal Assistant App for Android

Alice is a personal Assistant for you , and it will make your deeds easy and quick.Currently it supports English and German languages,but it need Google Voice Search in your Android phone.When you say some thing to Alice it works as you say, it is too humble..[...]
Suppose there is Alice in your phone and you would like to E-mail this blog's name ( , so you just say to Alice ' E-mail to John'. You can also do other things like send sms, call ,email,search web...\

Download Alice Personal Assistant here(For android)

Currently Alice supports following functions:

  • Call: Say for example: “Call John”
  • Write a message : Say for example: “Write John a message how are you” or say: “Tell John I’m coming later”
  • App Launcher: Say for example: “launch camera” or “start market”
  • Email: Say for example: “email to john”
  • Translator: Alice can translate for you into over 50 languages. Say for example: “Translate into german where is the next station”
  • Weather inquiry: Ask Alice for weather. Say for example: “how’s the weather in new york”
  • Websearch: Alice can now search the web. Say for example “search for pizzeria in new york” or “google pizzeria in new york”
  • Torch on / off: Say for example “turn on the light”
  • Alice also supports wired- and Bluetooth Headsets



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