[ How to ] Remove the password of a Powerpoint presentation In Windows7

Hello guys, I think This post should be must because I have already written two posts about how to set and how to change password of a power point animation or a presentation in windows7.,
               And this post would help you to remove already set known password of your powerpoint presentation  file,
                Are you disturbing by your password.?then read this post to below....

  • Do one or both of the following:
    • Open the file using your open password and as read/write.
    • Open the file using your modify password and as read/write.

  • Click the Microsoft Office Button  , and then click Save As.

  • Click Tools, and then click General Options.

  • Select the password, and then press DELETE.

  • Click OK.

  • Click Save.

  • If prompted, click Yes to replace the existing file.

  • ...


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