[How To ] Read Malayalam News paper in Phone without Malayalam Support(font) or software

Hi I know What you are searching for, So I am writing this post for you,that Now you can Read Malayalam News in your Mobile phone without using any software .This is nothing but I am giving you about 30 News paper's link in this blog and if you click on each news paper it will lead you to a new page and there you should see the news paper in it's real language.....
Suppose if you are willing to read a Malayalam News paper named MalayalaManorama in your mobile,but unfortunately your mobile doesn't support software installation but support web browsing at this time you  can follow  the given link at the last of this post and Start Reading News in Malayalam.
  • Open This website(Blog) and there should be a link 'LATEST NEWS' near the Malayalam TV you can Click on it 
  • It will direct you to an another page which contains a huge List of News Papers.(Malayalam & English)
  • Click on the news paper which you want to read ,,
  • Start reading......
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