[How to] Make a Blog and Earn Money Online.!


                          Blogging is an easy way to publish our own ideas on the internet.because it is free of cost and easy to handle There were a number of bloggers on the internet but most of them stopped their blogging because they were personal bloggers.But if you make a blog with useful content and place a Google adsense (An advertising program.) or any adversisements on it. It will earn you a good income.But first of all your blog should get many many visitors per day.

How does it work

when a visitor clicks on any ad your accout will be credited with some dollar (As per advertiser
decides).I promise you because my blog has been serving on the internet for 1 year and
my acount has been crediting through google adsesnse...

How Do I make A Blog
    If you want to make a blog please go to www.blogger.com  and where you can see a button named
'Get started' or 'Create an account'.Just click on that button now it will lead you to an another page.
Fill up that page and do some of the procedures as you see on the page ( Blog Name , Display Name..).
         Now, whenever you want to put a post into your blog go to www.blogger.com and sign in , after sign in
you will see a page it is know  dash board of your blog and where you can find all options to controll your blog.
Suppose if you want to put a post just click on 'New Post' now you can see two boxes there, put your post
headding in the top small box and write the post content in the Large box, you can also label your each post from the
          For first six months you should work hard with your blog (put valuable posts, make an attracting interface..)
then only Google accept your blog into their Advertising programme.If your blog has six months of age you can apply for
a google adsense account. If your once approved adsense has disapproved you should wait for six months to approve
it again.

Note: Make sure that your blog name is suitable to what you are publishing on your blog.

How to setup Google Adsense for your Blog

    * Create a Google adsense Account
    * Fill up the form very carefully
    * Now your request will be in under review and if they see anything against their terms& Conditions during the review
      they will send you an E-mail with some apropreat reasons,
    * If you recieve any mail from google Adsense sayign "Adsense is not approved because of some reasons" try to currect
      that error on your blog and resubmit your adsense request.
    * After your google Adsense is approved adsense team will give you a code of HTML from their site( google.com/adsense)
      If you feel it is very risk to manage HTML codes you can simply goto your Blogger dash board and in the options you can
      find an option to 'Add a Gadget', just click on it and select adsense from upcoming box.

Note : You can place Three ad units, Three link units and Two search boxes on a single page.If your place more than three of any above mentioned type of ad your adsense account will be blocked.
Google Says many of the conditions to it's adsense publishers(You can read it from adsense page)
       You should not click your selves, It may cause to disapproval of your adsense.
       You should not load your blog continuesly to increase adsense impression.

  •        You can't see adsense on your phone it only appears on the computer.

Now  you are done.! You will get paid for each click on your ads by your visitors
There are many other advertisment programmes but most of them are merely fake,I think google adsense is the best advertisement program.



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