[ How to ] Install an Application in both phone and memory without replacing one.!

Hi Have a nice day. Today I would like to give you a new Idea which enables you to install a same application in both your mobile phone and Mobile memory card without replacing .This is a simple one and it may help you when you damage your any memory....Read below how to do it.!

There are only a few steps to do so.

  • First, Download or Get your desired software from anywhere else.
  • And move it's 'SET UP FILE' of that Application into your Phone Memory.
  • Then Install it in your memory card (NOT IN PHONE)
  • After installation remove your Memory Card
  • Now, You can Install that Application in your Phone, It will never ask you to replace once you are done.
  • Really you can find out only a shortcut for that installed file , but you can access it even you have removed the memory card,
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