Hide a Folder Without using any software

Here is how can you hide a folder without using any software or settings such as 'Hide' option in properties. This is a funny way to hide your contents from your from others, by this idea no one will easily come to recognize your folder. Though it is an hiding this has a single demerit. Anyway we can learn how this works. Very fun ! Cheers.!
This is a simple one and do not need huge steps to do. We require nothing but a computer with windows OS. You can follow the below simple steps.

How to do

We are doing this in TWO SIMPLE Steps

  • Create a Folder
  • Right click and select Rename
  • Hold the Alt and enter 255
  • Now you can see a white space entered in the text field.
  • Done.!

Now We have created a folder with no name. Then we need to make the icon hidden. Follow these.
  • Right Click and go to the Properties the folder you created.
  • Select the Tab 'Customize'
  • Click on 'Change icon ' and Choose an empty/ transparent icon as shown below.
  • Press OK ,You are Done.!

Woof..! How to See the Folder Again.?

Oh, want to access or make the hidden folder visible again. Simply press Ctrl + A Now your all files and folders in the current window will be selected and at the place of your hidden folder you can see only a blue mark (it is the mark seen as the transparent text selected). Double click on it and open.

How It works

Actually We are not hiding this folder from the computer but this make us to feel the folder is hidden. Really it stands there.

Will this Benefit me?

Though this is not a perfect way of hiding with professional software, this works better because a person who having some idea about technology in computer tries to seek locking or protecting application to enter in to secretes.

And if you move the folder into a corner of the window where no more files or folders are present. This will make others not to easily detect your folder.


Though this hides from others eye when opened through the window to window method, your files on this folders will be still available on the search result. So this can not be used to hide your highly secret or important files.



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