[How to] add face book like box to your Website or blog.

Hey , Do you need to add a facebook like box your website or to your blog.?,If yes , I am going to give you the step by step instructions.
                                             Adding facebook like box is an easy one, and if you place that box in your webpage  your site visitors can easily express their like towards your website or blog. When one person like your site there will appear his photo and name in the like box...To Do So read below steps ,,,,
  • First of all you open the Google and search for " Create a facebook fan page"
  • Now you will get some of the links , in which you can see a link of facebook to  create a fan page 
  • Click on that link
  • Now it will lead you to a facebook page 
  • Select an appropriate page type
  • Now it will direct you to an another page where you can adjust the size and setting of your like box to be appeared on your webpage.
Note : You can see a like box already in your like box designing page with a number of likes , note that actually it is not the like box of your website so , at the box of  URL ( see at editing page ) you should paste your facebook fan page URL then only you can see your facebook Like box
  • Now you can scroll down and select a link saying 'add like box to your website '
  • Now you will get a Code 
  • Just copy that code and paste it on your site (In case of blog click on 'add gadget and select HTML  then paste your code there and save it ')
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