Google just added Indoor maps to Google map for Android

Hello guys ...Google ,the greatest search engine adds Indoor Maps to Google map for Android. Are you searching for an ATM counter, you need not to fear about the places because you can get all of the information on your finger tip i,d. Just take your Android tablet, pc or phone in your hand and open google map where you can also find an option to know indoor below to know more..
With today's launch of Google Maps for Android 6.0, Google is adding indoor mapping capabilities , supplying stand-alone directories to your Android handset that are tied to airports, malls, retail stores and transit stations in the U.S. and Japan

                                                Google says the devise is able to determine the actual floor you are on.Google's Steve Lee told me that retail and other partners need not add any additional equipment to make this all work, though they would have to supply floor plans and building layouts.Google is using the same sources of information that it uses for outdoor mapping, but optimized those sources for indoor use. At Google is providing tools to business owners to update their floorplans, blueprints or layouts.



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