Akash Tablet PC gets more than 3 lacks of Booking.!

Now a days we are very interested to use most mordern technology but most of us don't have
much money to enjoy such thing.But the Gov. Of India has lauched a tablet pc with essential
facilities and the magic is it is getting more than 3 lacks of..
pre booking.After One month
it may available everywhrere in India.
                      Actually we are so proud of this discovery of low cost Tablet PC because there are
somany Tablet PCs are available in the market but those are highly expencive,but Indian Gov
was launched it costs only around 2500 Indian Rupee.Now they are decided to produce an anothe
version of this Tablet PC but it costs only the same,with 700 MHz faster processor.
           By seeing the progress of Indian Gov. The Gov.of Mexico, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Thailand
Brazil, Bangladesh have requested to Inida to participate in the programs



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