[ How to ] Make A Black&White Photo into Colourful in Photoshop.


    Hello My kind visitor I am going to write a post here about photoshop simple trick ,this is a simple trick but this is humble that I would like to write trick to convert your Black and White old pictures and photos to a colorful one.Suppose  in your home there is an Album and all are bad because of it's oldness Now you can make it to a good and colorful one by using photoshop ,Read more to get this tip

NOTE : If you don't have an Black&White Picture you can make it from a  Color Picture.To do so First open Picture In PhotoShop and click on Image menu >>Mode>>Grayscale
  1. After Making or Creating a Black and White Picture  Open it in Photoshop
  2. Click on Image Menu >> Mode >> RGB Color.
  3. Now select a part of the picture by using lasso tool where you want to change the color
     4. Then click on Image Menu >> Adjustments>> Variations,,
         Now you can see a box in which your picture will has some color .Click on colored picture which you      
         like and The changes will display 'at the center (current pick)' and your original picture will display at the 
         box Original

 Now Click O.K

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