[ How to ]Increase photo Clarity while having a light or white background.

Hi Now I am going to give you a new useful Idea discovered by me.i.e , you can take photos by using your digital Camera or Mobile phone camera with clarity while the pausing person in front of a lighted background like tube light ,Sun Light, etc .
To read the trick please read below steps they are easy to do and I assure you it will help you to take such  good photos.


  • Focus to the person / to the Substance which you want to take photo.
  • Make camera stationary while you are taking the photo.
  • Cover your Camera Lens using your finger(don't shake camera)
  • Now you can see a black screen.
  • Then remove the covered finger now your camera will start to adjust the photo clarity for 1.5 seconds.
  • So ,Take photo soon after you removed your finger from lens.
  • You are done.!



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