[ How to ] check Anti Virus Capability by Creating our own Virus.

Hai to all .Today I inform you a new trick to check the capability fo your PC Anti Virus Software in windows(xp),.This is an interested and simple bus so humble because you have to make a virus by typing some of the codes in NotePad and save it in your desktop .After you created the virus, if your antivirus is good the virus you made recently will be erased automatically ,if it didn't delete automatically right click on that created virus and scan with Anti Virus,Note that In windows 7 this trick is not working fine so try in Win. XP.see the code below.

  • Open PC
  • Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Note Pad.
  • Paste the Below code in Note Pad

  • Save it in your Computer Desktop with the name AVTEST.COM
  • scan it unless your anti Virus automatically deleted it
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