[ How to ] Add our own words to Phone Dictionary.


I have written a post some days ago about how to write in phone using dictionary.
But in this Post I write about how to add your own words to dictionary.This is very simple to
If you are ready to write using dictionary it can save your time because it needs only a few clicks
to be a word
Eg : you have to type 'CAT'
     Press button containig C once (button 1)
     Press button containig A once (button 1)
     Press button containig T once (button 8)
        ---Need not to wait till the cusor is being blinked
But Now you can add Any word like NAME , MALAYALAM WORDS ect...
Read the Steps below

Suppose you have to type a message to your friend and you want to use many many words which are not in dictionary but they are commonly used words by you in typing.If it is so Suppose I want to type this blog name
as a message(mobihackman.blogspot.com)
  • First of all own Dictionary (press # in NOKIA..)OR(From Options)
  • If the dictionary is on there should be a line under whatever you write.
  • type some thing wrongly and not in dictionary and it will ask you to SPELL the word when you type a wrong word
  • press the key corresponding to 'SPELL?'
  • Now you can see a box where you can type a word which you want to add to dictionary 
Eg : Mobihackman.blogspot.com
  • Press O.K
  • Now you has been added the word Mobihackman.blogspot.com into your phone Dictionary
  • Now you will be able to type 'Mobihackman.blogspot.com' as you type all English words.



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