PrePeat rewritable Printer .No Ink or Toner is needed !.

Hello my Kind visitor there are several types Printers in this world and all of them need Ink and Toner But the fun is there is  a Printer named PrePeat Printer which need not Ink and Toner.
 In PrePeat Printer PET Plastic sheet is used instead of paper and when you want to start fresh feed the paper back into start fresh.....

  • Upfront cost is 500,000 yen(about $5600 in US).
  • 300 yen for each sheet.
  • An another 300,000 yen($3,360) is needed to get some use out of it.
  • No paper used(it uses PET sheets).
  • No Ink used.
  • No Toner used.
  • Each PET plastic sheet can be used about 1000 times(sheets are reusable).
  • Decrease the Pollution.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Save money.



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