how to connect internet on PC using Nokia phone via Bluetooth.?

Now a days our world is being grew day by day and Now almost all places were arranged 3g or 2g facility . In this post I would like to write about taking internet on PC with the help of PCsuite via Bluetooth, First of all you need PC suite software and a blutooth device.

  1. At first download and install Nokia PC suite on you PC and Run it..and click on connect a phone button.

     2.  Now you can see an another window to choose your connection type.

   3.  Now you can see a searching window .search your device and click next.

4.  Now your phone modem will install automatically.Then click OK

5.  OK .your device is ready to connect .now click on the connect to internet button.

6.  Now click on settings .

7.  Choose the Modem then click next.

 8.   Now you can select your network or type access point manually.Then press O.K.

9.  OK now your settings are correct .please click on the button connect.

10.  If your PC suite says like below you are just connected to the internet.



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