How to connect and use Bluetooth earphone with a Phone.?

Now a days Our technology is growing day by day and as part of the progress all are have bluetooth earphone and it's use is growing day by day because it is very simple to use and so easy that it has no wire and when comparing it to earphone with wire it is good enough.
        Through this article my aim is informing you how to connect an earphone or headset to your phones with the help of bluetooth.which is so simple.Just follow the followed instructions.

  • First open Bluetooth settings of your phone[You will get it from settings menu]
  • After it in settings of blutooth you can find out an option to add more devices or pair new devices.
  • Select the option to add or pair a new device and it will lead to a searching window for more divices.
  • just after you searching for a new device turn the bluetooth on your headset on.
  • When you pair the earphone your phone will ask for a passcode [the passcode can be seen in the manual of your bluetooth headset]
  • set your device as authorized or allow in future(recommend).
  • Now you are done.
  • Whenever you want to hear the music just on the bluetooth and bring the earphone inside the range of 10 meters /10 yards .your device will be connected automatically as long as you stay the device unpaired.
Enjoy the music with your new headset and with 
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