Recharge your Nokia Phone without Electricity..!?.

My Friend I am too willing to share you this Trick to you.If you are awaiting for an important call But your Battery is too slow and there is no electricity to charge then you can use this trick.Using this Trick you will able to recharge your Phone Battery without the help of electricity but the help of a piece of Paper.To do so please follow my little instructions.
This Trick may not work on all Nokia Phones .It may work with Phones like Nokia 1600,2310....some Black and White Phones.
  1. First of all you need to take a piece of paper with a tapering end (see the image below).

2. Then place the sharp end of the paper on the center(2nd) of the three connections

3. Now put the battery in to the socket.

         4.  Then switch on the phone and remove the paper  suddenly when the NOKIA WELCOME screen is appear.

 Now see the magic of the Trick 
Your Battery is now full filled!!??

NOTE : Use this trick only for an important purpose.The continues use of this may cause any of the Problem and note that The Blog Mobihackman does not take care on your problems.
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  1. will it work on nokia 3110c

  2. sorry brother I haven't checked it on 3110c.
    try it carefully and please inform it here as a comment.
    Thanks for visiting this site

  3. Will it work for nokia X201 qwerty keypad?

  4. Brother I think this only works with some Nokia mobile phone models. This works perfectly with the phone images which I have shown in the steps above.
    Your phone nokia X201 qwerty keypad's OS is entirely differ from the shown phone model(1600).

    Good Luck.