How to Enable Hibernate in Windows7

Hi my dear friend I am too interested to inform you The way to enable Hibernate in OS Windows7 through my blog or
Most of us use Windows7 but all are unable to use Hibernate Hence some time we cant store our data that we paused in it's half of the work
So now you are going to know the way to enable it .please follow the instructions below.
  1. First of all you need to  go to Start menu.
  2. And search for "Power options".
  3. Now you will see a window(see the image below)

     4.Then click on "change plan settings" at the right side of selected radio button.
     5. No you can see an another window as shown in picture below.

    6. Then click on the 'change advanced power settings'.
    7. Now you will see an another window as shown in image below. And choose "Balanced [Active]"

   8. Then click on the + sign that you see at the left side of the text "sleep" in the menu list and choose 'Allow hybrid sleep' and turn it to  OFF .(see image below)
   9. Click OK ,,,,you  done!

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