Trick to Add Horizontal Lines in Word 2007 Document Quickly.

Dear friend ,
          Now you can add Horizondal lines in Word 2007 Document without accessing menu bar and this is an easy way .plz read whole post
By using  This method you can save your time. You will be able to insert lines of many different designs by using only keyboard and not having to use the mouse.
In order to add horizontal lines plz follow one of the following step.
1.If you want to add a simple straight line, type three dashes (—) and press Enter on the keyboard.

2. For this style of a horizontal line, type three asterisks (***) and press Enter.

3. Type three underscores ( ___ ) and press Enter to get this line.

4. Type three equal signs (===) and hit Enter to get this line. 5. Three pound signs ( ### ) and press Enter  
    for this style of line.

6. Typing in three tildes ( ~~~ ) and hitting Enter will allow you to add this horizontal line.



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