Send Anonymous SMS Without Registration

Hi my fiend now a days there are a lots of websites on the Internet which provides us free sms services but most of the websites need the registration. But hereby I would like to inform you 4 sms websites thatt allows you to send Anonymous messages. is a  site that  allows you send message of complete 160 words and it feature of this site is you can send sms   without any ads.Their  message service is very fast and you can also  check the delivery reports of the sms that you have been sent.Try it now it is Amazing.
They provide their sms services for Indian Mobile numbers only.
Seasms also  allows you to send 160 character support  SMS. messages to anywhere .This is the only free Sms service that which all allows you to send worldwide messages anonymously.
Spicesms allows you to send sms only in India with 130 character support for sms.They service is very fast and sms are delivered instantaneously
Bollywoodmotion is one of the best sms website as you can send sms upto 500 characters long.
They do not include any ads into your message and messages are delivered in real time.This service is available only for Indian mobile numbers
If you know any other sms services that allows you to send messages without registration then do share with us by commenting.
NOTE:- Don’t send abusive messages to somebody using the above site as you can be traced .


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