Multiply Your Google Adsense Income With 4 Adsense Tips & Tricks


For those who do not know what Google Adsense is, it is basically an advertising program by Google that if you have a website, you can sign up for to become a publisher (where you publish ads on your website) and thereafter, insert a few lines of code in your website.
These lines of codes that you insert in your website will be where Google Adsense will display ads on. And whenever someone clicks on any of the ads, you’ll get paid.
In this post, I’m going to share with you 4 very simple Adsense tips and tricks that I personally use to help multiply my Adsense income.

Make Sure You Select A Color Scheme For Your Ad Units Such That It Will Blend Into The Overall Look And Feel Of Your Website1. Color Scheme
When it comes to selecting the color scheme of your ad units, you would want them to blend into your website, and not have a separate color scheme for it, which tells people that that is an Adsense unit. By doing so, people will skip through the whole ad unit altogether and you will not be able to make any money from it.
You will want to make sure the color of the clickable links of your ads is the same as the clickable links in your website. You may want to use the color ‘blue’ for these clickable links because people have been trained to identify clickable links as being in ‘blue’. So, if your links are in ‘blue’, you will tend to receive more clicks on your ads.
As for the text of the ad, you want the font type and size to be the same as what you are using for text in your website – This will allow your ad units to blend in nicely into the whole website (by doing so will get you more ad clicks, and more income for you).
2. Remove Border
You do not want to keep the borders in your ad units to tell people that they are ads. While it is not possible to remove the border totally, what you can do is use the same color that you use for the background of your website for your ad unit’s border.
2 Types Of Ads That You Can Choose To Display On Your Website - Text Ads As Well As Image Ads3. Text Or Image Ads?
When it comes to text or image ads, I personally have better earnings with text ads vs image ads. The reason is because people have their eyes trained to skip image ads (also known as banner ads), unless that banner ad is especially eye catching that it sucks in their attention). But most of the times people just skip through these image ads totally.
Therefore, I would recommend that you serve only text ads in your ad units.
4. Above The Fold
Most of the times the ads that are clicked on are those that are above the fold (meaning the upper half of your website that is visible to your visitors without them having to scroll down).
I would recommend that you place your ad units in the following positions (to get more earnings):
i. Top Of The Sidebar
ii. Immediately Below Website Header
iii. On Top Of Each Individual Post, Immediately After The Post Title
The following are 4 tips that I am personally using to help me generate a good amount of money through Google Adsense, and I hope these tips will help multiply your Adsense income as well… Good luck! :)



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