How to Share a Folder in Windows

 By following the instruction from your pc will able to share folders or files with out having flash discs or cd 

1) Create a new folder in your C drive  or  put it  on your desktop or inside your “My   
     Documents” folder(it is also at C drive)

2 )Then select the folder and right click on it and  choose “Properties”. The folder   

3 )Click on tab “Sharing”  at the top of the window and select the radio button mentioned
     “Share this folder”. Then enter a name the share name.

4 )Click on “Permission” On the same window,  and the window for the permission  will 
  The default group or user names is Everyone, of course you can add or remove 
   another group or user by clicking the “Add” and remove it by clicking “Remove”.

 5 )In the permissions box, give proper permissions to each group or user: “Read” 
     means to grant the user to read only, while “Change” grant to edit and “Full Control” means you grant access to read, edit and delete files within the shared folder.

 6 )Now you can  test it from Start>>> click on Run >>> enter the network path to the folder



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