Change the icons of your Drives on my computer !..

Hi visitor ,
here is good idea to change the icon of your drives on my computer
plz follow the steps below.

1.First of all the picture you want to use should have with .ico extension(if you already have a picture with 
  .ico extension proceed to step 2

2).Most of the pictures we normally use have extensions like .jpg,.bmp,.png..gif etc, so you first need to 
  convert them to one with .ico can do this easy with the help of inter net favicon converter  
  or use softwares in your pc.

2.Then go to My Computer.For example you want to put an icon in place of your original C drive image. Double click and enter to C and Paste your .ico image file in it.

Create a new text file and in it type the following lines
[autorun] ICON=favicon.ico
 Remember that ‘favicon.ico’  is the name of your image file.If you have an image file with .ico extension by the name of ‘abc.ico’,then use it in the place of  line in place of ‘favicon.ico’. 

3.Now rename this text file as ‘ autorun.inf ‘ (without the quotes).
 Note : To Rename the as an autorun.inf follow the steps
           Go to Tools->Folder options.Under the View tab uncheck the ‘Hide extensions for known file  
            types’.Press apply.Now rename your text file as ‘autorun.inf’

4.Now restart your Pc.You are done
Check out the cool new icon you have just added in your My computer panel.
Enjoy with and leave comment with your name



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