Burn a disk image on a Mac

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Here I will give you a new information about burning Disc image on a Mac Computer without using any other softwares.many of the people are unaware of the idea bcause the image is .iso file

1 In order to copy an ISO copy of the disk on your computer
 insert a blank disk into your disk drive
 NOTE:Make sure that the disk is large enough for the ISO file.

2 Open the Disk Utility.
 Simply search for “Disk Utility” in the Finder and it will  bring it up.

3 In the ‘File’ menu, choose ‘Open Disk Image’ and locate your .iso file and Open, it will appear on the left-
  side menu. Select it and click the ‘Burn’ button at the top.

4 Then select the burn  and wait..... Now you did! 
   You have  made an exact copy of your disk!

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