How to unlock the password protected memory card of your mobile phone


I have seen such a case when one of  my friend forgot the password of his memory card of his mobile I would like to help you if you are in trouble with your memory card of you  PHONE.
Don't worry you will surely get your MMC password of your get it pls read the whole post

Requirement: You need a Software to explore file like FExplorer which you can download from here.

  1. Insert  your MMC card into your phone but don’t access it through phone file manager.

  2. Run FExplorer and Configure its settings , that all hidden files and system files and folders are visible.
  3.  And Open the path C:\system.
  4. You will surely find a file named mmcstore ,rename the file mmcstore.txt
  5. Then copy the file(mmcstore.txt) to your computer and open that file in notepad of your computer.
  6. You will find your  password in that text  file which you opened in your PC.
  7.  It will be little bit encoded but can easily understand your password

  • For eg : suppose your password is mobihackman and you will find it as m?o?b?i?h?a?c?k?m?a?n

  1. In E series there is option like Remote Lock option.(–> Settings –> Phone and Sim –> Allow Remote Lock Menu).The password of your Remote Lock will be your Remote Lock Message.
  2. So you have to send a message that containing your remote lock message and it will automatically change the password your memory(MMC) card.

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