30gb-trial-internet.ga is fake website?

[4G LTE Launch] *Get FREE 30GB 3G and 4G TRIAL Internet data Pack for 90 days For all Network Click here to Activate now*
👉 http://30gb-trial-internet.ga

The above is the message I got from WhatsApp, I just want to inform you that it's a fake message. Nobody of you is going to get 90 days free internet. It's totally fake. I will tell you why they are fake. Recently so many scam messages are being spread over social medias mainly on WhatsApp.

freefastrack.com : Is it True or Fake?

The following message was received form my friend through WhatsApp "Yaaay ,Fastrack is giving free watch for whatsapp users for their new promotions , Now get free branded fastrack watch and gift to your friends and family.Get yours at http://freefastrack.com/" - Many people are confused with the above messages on social medias. We can analyse here about the authenticity of their website and their Terms Of Service (TOS).

25gb-4g-free.ga is true or fake?

"Get 25GB 4G Internet Free, to Register go to http://25gb-4g-free.ga/". The above message was spread around person to person. They claim that, some people who finish some of the simple steps as mentioned in their website, will get 25G 4G internet service.  I also received this message from my friend. Normally I check every messages like this, that happens to be a fake. As usual I checked out this message and their website. Unlike all other fakes, this website disclaims that ONLY SOME PERSON WILL GET THE OFFER.

whatsapp.gold-version.com: is fake or not?

The following message was received from one of the WhatsApp groups "Wow !Finally Secret Whatsapp Gold Version is Leaked, This version only used by big celebrities,You must install it Now to Enjoy latest features like Whatsapp Gold Logo and Themes, Private MSG without showing your number, Free wifi mode,video calling,who view your profile pic, free call etc, click on below link to activate now - http://whatsapp.gold-version.com/"

goldenversion.com is an internet scam!?

Recently, I have noticed so many scam messages are being spread through WhatsApp. The following message is one of them "Hey Finally Secret Whatsapp golden version has been leaked, This version is used only by big celebrities.Now we can use it too ,Whatsapp Gold Contains many advanced features like Whatsapp Video calling , Delete the messages you sent by mistake , Send more than 100 pics at once ,Free calling ,Change whatsapp themes and tons of great features.This whatsapp gold can be activated only Via Invites and I am inviting you.Once you activate this whatsapp gold , your green icon will change to gold and you can enjoy all features 100% safely.Activate whatsapp Gold with one click at https://www.goldenversion.com/"

WhatsApp Version 4.0 Scam Message : www.arcticpilgrim.com/version-4

Today I got a Fake/ Scam message shared from my friend through WhatsApp group. Reading it at the fist sight understood it's a fooling unauthentic message spreading over WhatsApp. There is a website link in the message, when I try to access it from computer it says 'Page Not Found'. But it's accessible form Phone. The message is as follows.